8-bit les mis more like 

'choose your character… you have selected marius… what will you do now?' 

> Cry
> Embarrass yourself in front of your new friends
> Hide from scary neighbours


once a straight boy was tryina holler n he literally texted me the phrase “*turns into a wolf and snuggles your boobs*” like???? buddy you weird as fuck i wasnt interested to begin with but now im fuckin worried about you like what the hell


chris evans - for flaunt magazine

The photoshoot where Chris Evans looks like a truckstop hooker is an important part of manpelt.com


let me tell you, i am becoming very fluent in french. i know how to pronounce like six names from les miserables



will graham tries to solve the mystery of who’s been smoking all the Weed with the help of Harijuana Lecter 

Hannibus Lecter


Now go and wash the blood off your face.


In the Merlin fandom we don’t say, “I love you” we say “I care a hell of a lot about that armour; I’m not going to let you mess it up” and I think that’s beautiful.


spice things up in bed with some communism


This is the kind of boyfriend I need.